Competing in The Mind Games?

Here’s everything you need to know about the day…

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Start fundraising and help The Mind Games contribute more to workplace mental health research at Menzies Institute for Medical Research.



Friday 18th October, 2019 at Mac Point, Hobart.


What is The Mind Games?

The Mind Games Race for Research is a fun, action-packed event to raise money for mental health research. Fifty corporate teams of five people will be put through their paces in 10 fun challenges stationed throughout central Hobart.

Teams must solve the challenge or complete the task before they can move on to the next one. The team that can out-smart and out-race its competitors will win. The Mind Games Race for Research is not a fitness challenge, but it will exercise minds. It’s a test of general skills, creativity and above all, team work.

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Why would your organisation join in?

Tasmania is already the best place to live. We want it to be the best place to work too. Each year, one in five Australians experience mental illness. Our work environments play an important role in helping people to sustain good mental health and to recover from illness. Mentally unhealthy workplaces cause harm and cost the economy.

The Mind Games Race for Research will build and promote mental health at work while raising money for critical research into the prevention and treatment of mental health problems. Profits raised in 2019 will fund research into workplace mental health at the Tasmanian-based Menzies Institute for Medical Research.


Who is it for?

The inaugural Mind Games Event is being run in Hobart, Tasmania. Any workplace based in Tasmania can register a team (or three!). Before the challenges kick off, participants and sponsors will gather at a networking event which is a part of your registration fee. This gives an opportunity to network with likeminded businesses and reinforce the messages around mental health and workplace wellness while building an atmosphere of excitement. The Mind Games race day will conclude with the presentation of awards, speeches and acknowledgments. We’ll be promoting all businesses in the lead up and event day’s activities via social media.

Who are the creators?

The Mind Games Race for Research is the brainchild of Sherri Ring from Energy Health, a fitness and workplace wellness specialist company. Sherri has brought together a group of amazing volunteers with diverse skills, a passion for the cause and a desire to make their community a better place to live and work. Check out our social media pages to see our committee members.

Who is the charity?

The University of Tasmania’s Menzies Institute for Medical Research (Menzies) is one of Australia’s leading health and medical institutes. Drawing on unique data resources and more than 25 years of community participation and population health research, Menzies’ extensive international collaborations enable local discoveries to positively contribute to global health improvement. Profits raised through The Mind Games Race for Research 2019 event will be used to support mental health research at Menzies.

Who else is involved?


You’re just a few steps away from taking part

Here’s what you need to know:

You will need five members for your team.

One person will need to register as the Team Administrator and set up the team name and details, as well as accept the Terms & Conditions.

The Team Administrator can invite team members to join via email (within the registration), or refer them here to the website to join the team using the chosen team name.

Each team member will need to accept the Terms & Conditions and waiver when they register to join the team.

The cost for one team is $2,500 (+GST). You do not need to pay when you register, an invoice will be emailed separately within 7 days to the person registered as the Team Administrator.

What They’re Saying

My company hired Sherri and her team at Energy Health Concepts to run a full day corporate ‘Amazing Race’ in Hobart. Mixing a bunch of computer geeks with our board of directors they had their work cut out for them! The team loved it, it actually boosted morale in a way we could see immediately. I especially liked the way it was structured specifically to us. I would highly recommend Sherri and Energy Health Concepts to any organisation looking for a personalised, fun team building day.

Mike NermutMD, Asdeq Labs

I hired Sherri to run an "Amazing Race" activity for our Shadforth TAS State Conference. Sherri put in an incredible amount of effort, paying attention to detail that resulted in a very enjoyable activity. She was easy to work with and was adaptable to others input and feedback. If the opportunity arose again, I wouldn't hesitate to hire Sherri to run another activity.

Nathan CowdryShadforth

I had the pleasure of hiring Sherri to conduct an Amazing Race style corporate team building day. The day was filled with physical and mental challenges and was certainly action packed. She was able to cater for a varying range of fitness levels and all ages. Sherri and her counterpart Amanda were a delight to work with and I would recomend her to any corporate climate looking for something different and challenging for their work teams.

Paul GadomskiCEO, Cripps Bakery

Sherri organised an "Amazing Race" activity as part of our State Conference. Whilst I was a little sceptical on the concept at first Sherri was able to incorporate ideas that were outside the square into the race. This ensured that the participants both enjoyed and challenged themselves whilst at the same time achieving the overall organisation's goal of bring members closer together.

Charles BadenachMain Street Financial Solutions

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